EVO 100 Tube Digital AnaLogue Converter

Robert H Levi – Positive Feedback Online U.S.A

“The PrimaLuna EVO 100 Tube DAC, a blockbuster component and musical triumph, leapfrogs dozens of DACs to virtually achieve state-of-the-art definition at a more than reasonable cost. Built as an heirloom product, this tubed beauty will bring you a lifetime of enjoyment from all the digital sources I can imagine.”


René van Es – The Ear magazine U.K

“The EvoLution 100 DAC has been playing for many hours to my great pleasure. It’s in the premier league and will be a welcome addition to the range particularly for owners of PrimaLuna amplifiers. For everyone else, the Evolution EVO 100 DAC may be the first PrimaLuna product in the house, but probably not the last.”


High Fidelity Magazine – POLAND

High Fidelity magazine in Poland has written and published a review about our EVO 100 Tube Digital AnaLogue Converter. The review is in the English language.


Vade Forrester – The Absolute Sound Magazine

“The PrimaLuna Evo 100 is an attractive, well-made DAC with powerful dynamics, oodles of detail, and a warm, enjoyable tone. When I listened to it, I focused on the music instead of hi-fi artifacts. At its price, it’s a remarkably good value, and is very highly recommended.


Audiotechnique – Hong Kong

Read the entire review through the link below. The review is in the Chinese language.

Audiotechnique EVO 100 DAC

Watch below the video by Kevin Deal about our EVO 100 Tube Digital AnaLogue Converter