EVO 400 Tube Poweramplifier

” The PrimaLuna products are by far the best components I have ever owned.”

Rating: 5 out of 5.

After over 40 years of audiophile interest I finally convinced myself to try vacuum tubes. I have owned many high-end solid-state products (McIntosh, Yamaha, Pioneer, Kenwood, and recently Anthem STR separates) over the years but never adventured to purchased a vacuum tube product. Now I only ask why it took me so long. I had heard others say that only with tubes is the music real and I never understood until now. I have the EVO 400 preamp and 2 EVO 400 power amps. I am a vinyl guy so my source is an EAT C sharp table with a J No 5 cartridge. The phono preamp is also from EAT, the E Glo S and it is powered with their LPS – Linear Power Supply. My speakers are Klipsch RF 7III’s and 2 REL S/5 SHO’s. In the beginning I had the speakers and the Anthem STR separates. I added the turntable, then the phono stage, the PrimaLuna preamp and finally each power amp. Its was a noticeable improvement in sound quality at each stage of the progression. My final step will be to one day add the Sopra II’s from Focal. The PrimaLuna products are by far the best components I have ever owned.I look forward to many years of superb listening.

Skip Gordon

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