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PrimaLuna was established in 2003 by Dutch high-end distributor Herman van den Dungen and the company’s reasonably priced, innovative tube audio equipment quickly captured the hearts of critics and consumers alike. It’s no secret why. With more than 30 years of experience in the areas of design, manufacturing, import, export, retail and post-sale service, van den Dungen knew exactly what he wanted to bring the field of high-end audio: a company that produces affordable, reliable yet highly advanced components.

Clearly, Herman van den Dungen accurately assessed the market. PrimaLuna has quickly forged a stellar reputation across the globe, becoming one of high-end’s most recognizable brands. Specialty audio magazines such as The Absolute Sound, Stereophile, HiFi News, HiFi World, AudioReview and Sound & Vision have heaped praise upon the company’s gear.

The guiding principle behind PrimaLuna – that all facets of the operation be exceptional – applies not only to the products but the people behind them. Van den Dungen ensures that everything and everyone associated with PrimaLuna be top-of-the-line. So the company offers brilliant designers, superior manufacturing, and a first-class sales and follow up network and it does so while maintaining product affordability. We are thrilled that in such a short time, skilled distributors and savvy dealers across the globe now recognize the potential of the PrimaLuna brand – for themselves and their clientele.

Headquartered in The Netherlands, PrimaLuna distributes its products across the globe via carefully selected international distributors and their network of dealers. All possess the knowledge, the expertise, the professionalism, the resources – and just as important, the passion for music – to ensure the right PrimaLuna component winds up in your audio system. Our choice of distributors and dealers is based on many factors, among them:

Most have been involved with high-end 25 years or more; however, in emerging hi-fi markets we’ve chosen strong personalities able to become the audio leaders of the future.

They have senior influence in high-end.

They have searched the world for products without equal and tested them for excellence.

They are well-versed in the nuances of tube audio.

They are driven by a desire to share their expertise with others.

134 Responses to PrimaLuna Worldwide

  1. Reto says:

    My Primaluna Prologue Eight displays errors (no disc or error) when I load CD’s. Any idea how to resolve this? Is it just dust on a detector? Or can it just be a tube???
    Thank you

  2. Ari shinozaki says:


    I received advice from PrimaLuna several weeks back and removed the hum. Mainly by tying all the AC to the same point using a common distribution box and minimizing AC cord lengths. System sounds great


  3. Ilia says:

    Hi Herman,
    Can I use tube KT120 and KT150 of my amplifier “Prologue four” without modification of the amplifier?
    Thank you!

    • beheerder says:

      Dear Ilia, You can use KT120 tubes in your amplifier. The KT150 you can use in the ProLogue Premium, DiaLogue Premium & DiaLogue Premium HP amplifiers.

      With best regards,

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