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  1. Reto says:

    My Primaluna Prologue Eight displays errors (no disc or error) when I load CD’s. Any idea how to resolve this? Is it just dust on a detector? Or can it just be a tube???
    Thank you

  2. Ari shinozaki says:


    I received advice from PrimaLuna several weeks back and removed the hum. Mainly by tying all the AC to the same point using a common distribution box and minimizing AC cord lengths. System sounds great


  3. Ilia says:

    Hi Herman,
    Can I use tube KT120 and KT150 of my amplifier “Prologue four” without modification of the amplifier?
    Thank you!

  4. Ed del Campo says:

    I have owned a pair of B&W cdmnt7 loudspeakers for approx 18 years and I have literally never used them until now. I was never able to power them properly. I opted to use thier little brothers instead as they are a pair of B&W 620 4 ohm speakers. With my set up using an adcom gfa5400 they outperformed the cdmnt7’s. That is until my local dealer offered to audition a primaluna prologue integrated amp at my house with my speakers. Lets just say that the amp never left my house. I ordered my own and am excited to receive it soon, as it is on back order. I have added a peachtree audio dac to the amp and am utterly amazed at the sound I get out of this system. I dont even watch tv anymore, and all I do is sit and sample new music for hours. Thank you for your dedication to quality, and customer service. You have a client for life.

    I do have a question. I would like to upgrade my speaker cable as well as my interconnect. I understand that B&W has good quality crossovers so I am thinking of single cable bi-wire. Is there a brand, model, type of cable that you find matches well with my set up? I can not afford the best that money can buy so I am looking for something that will make a difference but not require financing.

    Again, thank you for making such an amazing product.



    • beheerder says:

      Thanks Ed for your great post. Very happy that “finally” (as I may say so) you can “start” enjoying you speakers. Cabling, is as any other component, about matching. I assume you are living in USA. From the reactions from my store-manager (they deal much more with this kind of situations than I/we do) AudioQuest is in many cases a good solution. Good quality, acceptabe pricing. If you were from The Netherlands you could get our own AH! interconnects, powercables, speakercables. Mainly sold in our own shop as we want to keep margins, and as such pricing, low. Hope you will get your amp soon and that my cable suggestions is of help. Best regards, Herman van den Dungen

  5. Ed says:

    Thank you for your reply. I was wondering if you could answer another question or two. I am hearing differing opinions on whether to plug the PrimaLuna Integrated Amp into a surge protector/line conditioner or not. One opinion from my rep that I have received is that doing so could rob the unit of power and that the transformers are sufficient to fend of a power surge. I would love to hear your opinion on this.

    Also, could you weigh in on single cable bi-wire vs straight, specifically with B&W CDM7’s. I hear from some that it makes no difference but I hear from others that B&W has good enough crossovers where it does make a difference. Any thoughts or opinions on this?

    Thanks again for your personal attention. It is refreshing to be able to get this type of opinion and advice from the creators of a terrific product.



    • beheerder says:

      Hallo Ed!

      If the protector/line conditioner is not too small and it is not limiting anything, it can be an advantage. That said, the current PL amplifiers have already am offsetkiller circuit build-in. So a part of the job of a protector/line conditioner is already done. You can ask about the AH! single OffsetKiller.

      Biwiring has been populer for a while, now single straight wiring is most common. What YOU like best, is the best choice.

      Best regards,


  6. Brian says:

    I have a problem with my Prologue 2. I am running kt120s for a while and no after serval months the volume goes very loud but no one touched the volume control. Any thoughts on what might be causing the problem?

    • beheerder says:

      Hallo! I will send you a message by mail about suggestions. Best regards, Herman van den Dungen

      • Tailor Daniels says:

        Hello Herman–Related: I have a Prologue 2. It has been suggested, because of the valve amp’s relatively high output impedance, that I bi-wire my two-way Totem Arros (or a similiar speaker at 87dB), but with 4 ohm tap connected to the LF and the 8 ohm tap connected to the HF (with the returns to 0 ohm, of course), balancing the speaker’s impedance variation. The quick version, anyway. I understand how this might improve my sound, but it is safe? Any information would be greatly appreciated. Thanks for your engagement. Regard, Tailor Daniels

        • Tailor Daniels says:

          Rather, appropriately, 4 ohm tap to speaker HF, 8 ohm tap to speaker LF. Thanks…

  7. Amin says:

    Hi there,
    i’m totally wondering to purchase integrated Dialogue Premium HP to be matched with my Sonus Faber Venere3 .
    the point is that I’m living in IRAN and it seems there is no agent or dealer of Primaluna products… I’ll appreciate to guide me in proper way to purchase your gear with reasonable price not retail ones ?
    Thanks for your feedback in advance.


    • beheerder says:

      Dear Amin, Sorry for the late reply. We have a distributor in Iran. Please contact Mr Arash Zaeemi at email

      With best regards

      • amin says:

        Dear Beheerder

        Thanks for your kind reply, I got contact with this gentleman and happy to hear that your products in IRAN is available.
        My current speakers are Sonus Faber Venere 3 running with Primare PRE+Power+CD player.
        I’ll appreciate to have your technical recommendation regarding best choice of integrated and separately pre+power to be matched with my speakers.

        Thanks in advance for your support.

  8. Filipe Santos says:


    Recently may PL Prologue One got one of it´s output transformers burned, after being left turned on for a whole afternoon. Don´t know yet if it was a problem with a tube or due to overheating….
    Anyway, i´m having a lot of trouble to find a substitute part…and i´ve been told also that a release about new fuses for this amp had been difused by PL to prevent this from happening, buit never saw it.

    So, my question is How can i buy a new transformer, ans what should be the value of the fuse to prevent this fom happening?


  9. Peter says:

    Hi There i own a prologue one need to change the tubes. could anybody tell me which nos tubes give the best result? and is it true that you can put the kt88 r 120 or 150 in the prologue one or does it needs a adjustment and so what kind of ajustment?

  10. Joachim says:

    Hi! What capasitors are used in the Primaluna Dialogue Premium Preamp?

  11. Veikko says:


    I ran into problem last night with my Prima Luna Prologue Premium power amp. I found old KT88 tubes and decided to give them a try. One of them blew instantly (red glow) and the Bad Tube indicator was lit. I immediately turned the amp of. I changed all the tubes for new ones including front end and now the amp is dead silent. The power turns on (front light led is on) and all the tubes are lit, but there is no sound. Is it possible that the amp is now in protective mode and can’t reset itself for some reason? No smoke or any kind of strange smell came out of amp. If the amp circuit is locked in the protective mode, do i need new circuit or specialists to reset it?


  12. Win Shaw says:

    I recently auditioned the Primaluna Prologue Premium with ProAC Response DB1.
    I was advised to give the ATC SCM 19 V2 a test.
    I was told that the ATCs’ are very particular with regards to amplification.
    My question, which is a better match for the Prologue Premium , ProAC or ATC ?


    • beheerder says:

      That’s something only YOU can decide. Long ago I hear models of these brands, but both could be very, very impressive. Good choice to start with!

  13. Jan Bastiaan van Meurs says:

    Hoi Herman, ik heb net een paar Kef R11 gekocht en ben geinteresseerd in de versterkers van Primaluna!
    Welke versterker raad je me aan?
    Het geadviseerde versterkers vermogen is 15-300 watt.

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