ProLogue Premium is here!

The highly-advanced ProLogue Premium Series is now available and man, is it sweet… blending the cutting-edge technology of the original ProLogue and DiaLogue Series with brand-new advances. First, the amps… stereo, mono and integrated. The ProLogue Premium Series unveils new, innovative circuits that provide unparalleled reliability, protection and sound quality:

  • Bad Tube Indicator: A small LED for each power tube that lights up if it goes bad. Replace it and rock on.
  • PTP-circuit: Cuts the juice if the power transformer overheats then resets after cooling down.
  • OTP-circuit: Disables the output transformer in the event of massive tube failure or user error.

Now factor in these features upgraded from the critically acclaimed ProLogue and DiaLogue Series:

New Adaptive Autobias circuitry. Just flip a switch to optimize the amp for KT-88 or EL-34 power tubes. And the amp can be ordered with either.

New output and power transformers. Updated from DiaLogue and providing even better control over challenging speaker loads.

New front-end circuitry. Optimized for 12AU7s which helps produce lower distortion.

Home theater pass-thru implementing direct-line circuitry and gorgeous, full-function remote which controls CD player functions as well.

Next, let’s take a look at a real giant-killer… the ProLogue Premium Preamp!

Take the new front-end design, the PTP-circuit, the home theater pass-thru, the full function remote and then add new power transformers. They’re heavy-duty, dual-mono, with additional windings added to each for improved synergy with the optional MM Phonostage.

This pre-amp weighs in at a hefty 37.5 pounds… that’s some serious iron!

Finally, take a look at the parts ProLogue Premium counts as standard: ceramic tube sockets; Solen, Swellong, and Nichicon capacitors; WBT-style solid core speaker terminals; ALPS Blue Velvet volume control; gold-plated RCA jacks; and toroidal power transformer.

The entire ProLogue Premium Series is built by hand with the finest point-to-point wiring and quality equal to – or better than – any product you can buy at any price.

It represents the next step in PrimaLuna’s ongoing advance with high fidelity components.

About beheerder

45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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7 Responses to ProLogue Premium is here!

  1. Hé Dominique, I see you have been working hard to make this BLog. It’s a collection of a lot of praise, but I am honest if I tell you, that I don’t mind to read that. I hope the BLog comes alive as once Hifi Notes was, when I had the time to make daily postings about the world of hifi and music and us in the middle of it. Merci, thank you!

  2. PrimaLuna says:

    Well I expect your daily postings and I hope that our PrimaLuna’s fans are going to participate and make this blog alive… after all this blog belongs to them!!!

  3. Indeed all available except for the Premium CD Player which is still under development ….

  4. sion lim says:

    finally the premium 3 is out so that i can match it with my mono 7s , so far im playing it with my idecco and its sounds soft. cant wait to pick up the new 3.

    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Hallo there! Indeed a new PrimaLuna Preamplifier became available. In fact even two. The DiaLogue Three PreAmplifier and the ProLogue Premium PreAmplifier. You can check them both out on and and of course at your dealer’s showroom if in your neighbourhood. Hope your choice will make you enjoy your system even more! Thanks for being here and your support.

  5. Michel Rondeau says:

    I was wondering when would the Prologue Premium CD Player be hitting the stores.
    Herman answered that they’ll be placing the first orders this weekend and that they’re expecting it to be on the market in 3 months. That’s just 12 weeks away, rejoice!

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