A message from Salim…

Salim just bought a DiaLogue Two integrated amplifier and he calls Kevin Deal, our US distributor, to share his first listening experience.

Click here and listen to the message left on the voicemail…

Hey big guys, this is Salim                                                                           
I know it is 8 o’clock tonight and you, guys,
are closed, but man I found it obligated to let you know this is the bitching amp, man!
Man, let me tell you, I have been an audiophile since ’79, this is one of the few best pieces I ever, ever, ever encountered.
I am telling you man, you were right on the dot, brother!
This one will kick ass of 30-40.000 dollar tube amps, I am telling you man, I have seen it all.
I can’t believe, man, this shit is so quiet and so
musical right out of the box, man!

Kevin Deal about Salim:

Salim is one of my most well-read customers.  He is very knowledgeable and experienced and the ability to buy the more pricey products he mentioned, and indeed has scaled the heights of more expensive gear.

This is the first and only time he has contacted me with a report like this.

About beheerder

45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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3 Responses to A message from Salim…

  1. hermanvandendungen says:

    Well Salim, this is the kind of messages that make my day (and more). I am glad you are enjoying your DL Two and glad you have informed us about it in such a nice way. Different people have different experience about “burn in time” for their equipment, but it sure is a pleasure to hear your enthousiasm for that right-out-of-the-box amp! Enjoy and don’t forget to tell Kevin (and the rest of the world if you want) about the progress the amp is making in time. Thanks!

  2. Kees van Dessel says:

    By coincidence I came here through the Primaluna website and stayed already longer than I expected to. Nice site. I really enjoyed the movies showing how tubes work ánd how sales in a hifi store seem to work according to Mr. Bean. Let him also try to explain how tubes work. The declaration of today by Mr. Salim was also impressive. I also own a Dialogue Two and I am equally impressed by this piece. I bought it second hand as the former owner wanted to upgrade to another tube product, much more expensive. I got the unit for an excellent price and never regretted it. Specially as after a few months the first owner gave me a call to ask if I still had his amp. I confirmed and asked, Why? He wanted to know if I wanted to sell this unit back to him. He did make me smile with that question and I said, NO. He understood, agreed and we had a long discussion about quality and prices of hifi equipment and concluded that this Dialogue amplifier was one of the best values in tube amplification ever. He tried a lot of different equipment, fooled himself, as he said, with the idea that higher pricing was automatically giving better sound quality and concluded that he was going to buy again another Dialogue Two amplifier. I was thinking of this while listening to Mr. Salim. Nice idea by the way to broadcast this message. Keep up doing the good work please and thank you for that!

    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Hi Kees! Welcome and glad you have found us. I am not so sure if it is a good idea to have Mr,. Been explain how tubes work. I had to think immediately of the other movie we have somewhere here where a guy put a tube into a magnetron oven. With remarkable effects I must admit. We get a lot of comments stating that our amps are much lower priced than other products in the markets without giving up quality of parts and workmanship. And for me that is a very important factor as if I can no longer offer that, why should I make my life difficult and design, produce, distribute, hassle to come up with something which is already available? I hope we will be able to continue for a long time the way we are doing now. Improving what is already considered to be good value and come up with ideas and solution to make sound better and reliability higher. That said, I can confirm that for us our PrimaLuna range of amplifiers is the most reliable brand we have ever been dealing with. As we follow the ZERO FAILURE APPROACH for our design, production and products (which is quite unique in the audiophile part of the electronic industry where nowadays almost everything breaks and only a few manufacturers care) we have obliged ourselves to immediately replace in production any part we suspect, replace the same part in our full European, Asian and American stock, provide all our clients with the same part and the instruction how to deal with it. It is a heavy job IF we have to make a change, but the only way to make reliability as high as it is. At such moments I remind my people that “Excellence is a habit, not a single act …..” and they agree.

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