A Mac Mini hooked with a ProLogue Original One…

Klaas shares with us a few words about his Mac Mini and Prologue Original One hi-fi system. We love the simplicity and the beauty of his set.

“As for my experience with the PrimaLuna, that has been nothing but sheer bliss 🙂 I wanted a sleek, modern design without bells & whistles. A volume-dial, an Input-dial and an on/off switch was all I needed. Also I wanted the valves/tubes to be clearly visible and not hidden in a cabinet. Especially now that it gets dark earlier in the evening, the orange glow of the valves is a beautiful sight.

The musical qualities of the system is fantastic as well (although this is of course also helped by a great turntable, CD-Player and the CD’s and vinyl records) and not to forget: speakers!

I’ve had this system for a good two years now and have loved every moment of it.

The Mac Mini was fully introduced into the system a good year ago (the picture was taken when I was still testing, currently the Mac Mini is installed in the cabinet for ‘design aesthetics’ (like not wanting to much buttons on my amplifier, I also don’t want to much junk on my audio cabinet and with the Remote app on the iPhone I can easily control the iTunes App without needing to have a visual of the Mac).

The Mac Mini is hooked up to a 500Gig LaCie USB disk that holds a nearly complete digital copy of my CD and vinyl albums.

I use a set of AH! Black TjoeLipS as speakers. I bought both the PrimaLuna and the speakers at the Hifi Studio in Weerdinge (http://www.hifistudio-weerdinge.nl/). The original plan was to get a set of Sonus Faber speakers which they let me listen to at the shop, but they also had this AH! set waiting for me to listen to and I liked the slightly deeper bass that came from this set.”

Klaas also writes concert reviews and we have asked him to collaborate to our blog… as you can read in his reply, at the moment, he has problems with one ear and will not be able to attend concerts for a while. We wish him a quick recovery, nevertheless we recommend you to pay a visit to his great website  www.kjguch.com

“As for the concert reviews… a year ago I would have said Yes, sure! I don’t know if you saw it on the website, but at the moment I’m kind of having problems with my hearing with my right ear having gone nearly deaf. Too many concerts, too much noise or something like that. So I’ll gradually have to see how I can get my gig-going back to something that works for me without doing (too much) damage to my ears. So I want to concentrate on that first, before I get too enthusiastic about it all again ;)”

Klaas, thanks so much and beterschap!

About beheerder

45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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2 Responses to A Mac Mini hooked with a ProLogue Original One…

  1. Hi Klaas,
    Nice peace of proza regarding The PrimaLuna amp and the AH! black Tjoelips speakers. Sorry to hear from your hearing problems, wish you all the best with that. looked on your site and the pictures are still very nice to look at. If you are in the neighborhood you are very welcome!

    Best regards,

    Ferry Kremers

  2. hermanvandendungen says:

    Hi Klaas,

    Sad indeed to get a hearing problem while music is your hobby. Hope some treatment or rest will solve the problem as much as possible. I have a customer who was known to be one of the most fanatic and experienced serious audiophiles in Eindhoven. Music was his everything. His father was part of the development team for the compact disc player. And it was as normal as normal can be that he was the one to introduce the compact disc player in the Eindhoven audiophile environment. He recently told me with a big smile that a dealer from there could not believe that this new medium could make such nice music. Several years ago I heard that Bas was selling all his audio equipment as he suddenly got hit by a very serious hearing problem. He simply had to give up his hobby. That was bad news. But …. then again a few years later Bas showed up again willing to train himself to listen to music again with headphones. And it worked! He found back the pleasure in listening to music, bough himself the finest headphone system and added later on PrimaLuna tube amplification and a PrimaLuna cd player. 🙂 I know now several people who have stated that the sound of the PrimaLuna is so friendly to their ears, that it is the only amp they can listen to. I would never dare to make such a statement myself, but of course I am very pleased to hear that. Bas recently has brought me a Quad 33/303 set ánd …. a Philips CD100 with the message to give it a good place somewhere. So now I have two ….. 🙂 Don’t tell Bas as we still have an open invitation for a dinner prepared by him or his students at the school where he is teaching!

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