Kevin Deal teams up with our friends of Sonus faber at Music Matters in Denver

Music Matters is a great annual event organized by Listen Up! in Denver. The event featured Stereophile editor John Atkinson. Kevin Deal was among a host of top-flight experts presenting in Denver. There were 30-minute sessions featuring John Atkinson and product specialists from B&W, Classé, MOON, Peachtree Audio, Sonus faber, PrimaLuna, Musical Fidelity, McIntosh and more.

Music Matters participants included:

John Atkinson, Editor Stereophile. John discussed the latest trends in digital recording and playback and demonstrated some of his most recent recordings.

Kevin Deal, PrimaLuna. PrimaLuna has been receiving incredible press for its affordable line of tube integrated amplifiers, preamplifiers and amplifiers. Kevin is one of the founders of the company and explained the philosophy behind the PrimaLuna brand.

David Ellington, Sonus faber. David works for Sumiko, importer of Sonus faber in the US, he showed off the classic Italian sound and styling of Sonus faber loudspeakers.

Dave Baker, B&W Loudspeakers. Dave demonstrated the latest version of the legendary Diamond 800 series of speakers.

Sandy Gross, GoldenEar Technology. Sandy showed the widely touted inaugural offerings from his latest speaker endeavor, GoldenEar.

Dave Nauber, Classé. Dave introduced the new line of Delta series of amplifiers from Classé featuring an all new design.

Bob Scranton, MOON. USA Director of Sales for MOON, Bob showed the latest phono sections, CD players and separate preamplifiers and amplifiers from Simaudio MOON.

Jon Derda, Peachtree Audio. Jon covered how to get the best sound from your digital music and showed the company’s latest products like the iNova, iDAC, musicBox and idecco.

In the audio world, there is a small group of companies that just seem to “get it.” They make or carry the coolest gear, intuitively know how generate the right vibe and in the end, create customers for life. PrimaLuna is unquestionably one of them . Our Colorado dealer Listen Up is another.

PrimaLuna CEO Kevin Deal recently returned from Listen Up’s Music Matters event, an “open house” where he found that rare culture. As he describes it, “Groovy attitude, intelligent people and great products. It’s a perfect relationship for us.” For the event, Deal conducted extensive demos of PrimaLuna products at all three of Listen Up’s stores.

He has been assisted by the remarkable Listen Up staff and – as a special attraction – David Ellington of Sonus faber, another one of those special people from an amazing company that manufactures some of the most exquisite looking and sounding speakers on the planet.

David Ellinton of Sumiko, importer of Sonus faber, talks to yet another packed room of music lovers. On display are the PrimaLuna DiaLogue Three preamplifier, DiaLogue Seven monobloc power amplifiers, and the Sonus faber Cremona M speakers.

Kevin Deal (PrimaLuna USA) with John Atkinson (Stereophile) and Joe Harley (Music Matters, Audioquest)

In the seminar room with Denver store manager Chris Hevekost on the right and PrimaLuna USA distributor Kevin Deal on the left

PrimaLuna’s Kevin Deal explaining to the crowd why PrimaLuna is the most awarded brand in the industry

David Ellington  of Sumiko (2cd on the left), Kevin Deal (in the middle) and Jaime Monroy of Sumiko (on the right)

How good was the music, how interesting were the speakers at the Music Matters event in Denver?

It was REALLY good, said Bill Rollin of ListenUp’s Custom Division, who described Wednesday’s jam-packed gathering at the Denver store as “one of those transcendent nights.”

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45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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3 Responses to Kevin Deal teams up with our friends of Sonus faber at Music Matters in Denver

  1. kent caparell says:

    I’ve now had the Dialogue 3 in my system for over 3 months and now that it’s pretty much broken in it in my opinion is your crown jewel preamp. The music especially the Vinyl is A+++. I listen so much I forgot what my TV looks like. It seems funny though that this unit seems to be the unknown preamp of the Primluna line. It’s hardly ever mentioned. I wonder why. This unit belongs w/the big boys on the block.

    • Hi Kent,

      I understand what you say. In the early days when we had a smaller number of products, each model got much more review-attention than now. Next to that please realise that the closer we come to the known establishment, it is also more difficult for magazines and reviewers to make statements like you just did. Anyway, I am happy to read that you feel you have one of the big boys on the block …. . And the fact that you forget how your TV looks (same with me although I have a very colorfull “Herman Brood” model) is some extra rest in daily life. Enjoy your music, avoid all the trouble that can jump out of your TV screen!

      Best regards,

      Herman van den Dungen

  2. ..Find out all about the new PrimaLuna Vacuum tube amplifiers at Totally Wired. The Dutch company PrimaLuna design and manufacture tube amplifiers for the 21st century. And at their entry level they are supremely affordable…You owe it to yourself to investigate the new PrimaLuna models – there is no substitute for simply hearing what they can do – imagine lush room filling sound.

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