To all PrimaLuna fans worldwide…

PrimaLuna – USA just concluded T.H.E. Show in Newport Beach, the first large-scale, high-end audio extravaganza in Southern California in nearly a decade. Wow… what a huge success!!! SoCal is home to nearly 20 million people and at times it seemed like half of them were at the Hilton Hotel, passing through the PrimaLuna and Mystere demo rooms.

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The crowd (and seriously, it was large) was a perfect mix of seasoned audiophiles and new-to-high-end aficionados but one thing they had in common was that most were already familiar with the PrimaLuna and Mystere lines and were actively seeking us out. And I promise you, we gave them something to remember

In the PrimaLuna suite, we demo’d the DiaLogue Three preamp, the DiaLogue Seven monoblocks, the prototype of the ProLogue Premium CD player and the stunning NOLA Metro Grand Reference speakers, which captured hearts last month at the high-end show in Munich. What a combination! The DiaLogue components driving the NOLAs attracted crowds 12 deep in a room with seating for five. As one grizzled old veteran who waited for a seat put it, the soundstage presented by this set-up was “wider, taller and deeper than anything I’ve ever heard.”

The Mystere suite featured the acclaimed ca21 preamp, the pa21 stereo amp and NOLA’s 3-way, floor-standing Contenders. By many accounts, this system was considered the affordable “sound of the show.” The question heard most frequently by our staff was, “How much for the whole set up, as is?”

Perhaps the show can be best represented by this observation: It was not unusual to see people in the PrimaLuna suite for 20 minutes (that’s a long time), move to the Mystere room for another 20, then go back to PrimaLuna for still another listen!

All of them were given the best personal, dedicated attention imaginable… by Mr. NOLA himself, Carl Marchisotto, in addition to PrimaLuna-USA CEO Kevin Deal, who knows the line as well as anyone.

As a side note, Deal was also a big hit on his own. Considered a leading expert on vacuum tubes in high end audio, he presented a seminar on just that topic to a standing room only crowd in one of the hotel’s ballrooms.

All in all, you can count this as another “win” for PrimaLuna and Mystere.

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PrimaLuna – USA

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45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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2 Responses to To all PrimaLuna fans worldwide…

  1. Kevin Deal PrimaLuna USA says:

    In have to say “Bravo” Richard Beers, show organizer and Bob Levi, the President of the Los Angeles and Orange County Audiophile Society. They had a very large number of volunteers and that was nice to see.
    Call it hard work. Call it aligning of the stars just right. It was more than I could have ever hoped for times two. The biggest challenge for me was finding time to say “hello” to all our friends and customers.
    I don’t know how the numbers compared to Rocky Mountain Audio Fest. I will say it was smokin’ and people were really having a great time. It was quite impressive at the ribbon cutting ceremony (with trumpet player signaling the start) and live music.

    A lot of people that attended but didn’t display were sorry they missed out.

    I had the presence of mind to bring a clear glass case of vintage tubes for sale. In fact during tube seminar, I opened a box of 1962 vintage French Mazda 12AU7’s. They are a super-premium and made by the same company that made Cifte, Brimar, Ediswan, etc. There were people stretching to get a look, and the room gasped because they were packed SO cool back then. I think I’ll make a video of that. You’ll get a hoot out of it. They had never been touched in or even seen the day of light in 49 years! I even sent a couple around the room and nobody stole them!!
    I want to thank anyone who came by to hear our room. It smoked. We loved it.

    • Hi Kevin. Thanks for your comment. I know it was a great show. By earlier comments from you ánd from others from the industry. Thank you for giving your time ánd for giving up your boattrip through the Turkish Aegean Sea. If I read your comments, it reminds me about the good, old stereo period. Nicely done and up to the next? In the meantime we wait for further pics and videos. Thanks again Kevin and team!

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