The ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier under the magnifying glass for Ultra High End Audio and Home Theater Review

Frank Berryman described his experience with the ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier during his listening sessions. His report is to be found out at

Frank Berryman’s conclusion:

“The ProLogue Premium surprised me in several regards. First it did not fit the stereotype of a lush sound with amorphous bass and rolled off highs; in other words, it was not euphonic in the extreme. It had a realistically organic sound, perhaps on the relaxed side, which means it will pair nicely with the plethora of speakers on the market which I find to be generally too bright, which is not to say it does not provide all the details you would want when the detail is the source. In addition, though it is rated at only 35 watts/channel, it had no trouble providing ample power to my demanding 86 db Magnepan MMGs loudspeakers. It might be true what they say about tube watts being different than solid-state watts, and I am not talking here about soft-dipping. With its strong performance and versality, it is an easy recommendation for someone adventurous enough to want to build a system around an integrated tube amplifier. And it calls out for an analog source, so grab yourself a turntable while you’re at it. Don’t forget the optional MM phono stage PrimaLuna offers when selecting your cartridge.”

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About hermanvandendungen

Almost 40 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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4 Responses to The ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier under the magnifying glass for Ultra High End Audio and Home Theater Review

  1. Kevin O 'Leary says:

    I have been doing a lot of research for my next new amp. It seems all roads lead to Primaluna. My problem is I have no dealer in my area so I need to convince my wife that buying a new amp for thousands of dollars without hearing it is a good idea. I have a pair of Goldenears triton 3’s. Every review for these speakers seems to mention how good they sound with you’re amps and visversa. It is down to your intergrated amp(not sure which one yet) or the NAD 390DD ( also no local dealer).Why should I buy yours instead of there’s. I was told with the humidy in lower Alabama,USA that tubes were not a good idea and to stick with SS. What can you tell me to convince me to buy your products. Thank you for your time.

    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Hi Kevin,

      You cannot compare solidstate designs with tube designs. Well, you can, but …. When we started up PrimaLuna in 2003, Kevin, our USA distributor and tube specialist, told me he would NOT distribute the brand if no automatic bias was included. We worked on that, wanted to have something better than the standard solutions and the Adaptive Auto Bias was born and in the meantime FAMOUS. No hassle with meters, screwdrivers anymore. Next to that the products are as extremely reliable. And if something goes wrong in 99,9% of all cases it is in the tubes and nothing is easier to replace/repair than tubes … So, you get the sound you want (tube character without being slow, too warm etc like in the “old” time), you get reliability (it is my most reliable brand I have been dealing with in 37 years and you can check on or what I have been and am dealing with) and for what it is, it IS affordable. What else you need to enjoy your music? Please contact PrimaLuna USA and ask them what kind of arrangements they have if you buy your amp and ever have a problem. Or convince a local dealer that it is all about the music and they should be part of it as a professional. Thanks for your interest and let me know how things go on from here.

      Best regards,

      Herman van Den Dungen
      Durob Audio BV

  2. Thank you Herman. It is refreshing to send a email to a company and actually hear back from “the big man”. To often the higher ups in a company don’t have the time for or desire to do customer relations and I thank you for that. I know your products are first class and that I shouldn’t ever have a problem with them. Let me please ask my question another way. Other then the reliability and the sound of tubes that my wife would not understand. What can I say or do to convince her that we need to spend $3000 on a new amp that we have never heard? I know in my heart this is what I want but i’m no fool and don’t want to sleep on the couch. I’m saying this jokingly. I do plan on buying one in the near future.

  3. Mark Koblin says:

    Had a few problems with demo unit but since have been resolved and now thanks to the folks at Almas HI FI and Kevin’s vast knowledge I am looking forward to receiving my new amplifier just as soon as the phono stages are ready to go!! Thank you again Kevin for the prompt response!

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