The PrimaLuna DiaLogue Three: WOW, WOW, WOW

In its November issue, The Absolute Sound magazine is choosing the 250 best products in high-end audio.


About beheerder

45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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2 Responses to The PrimaLuna DiaLogue Three: WOW, WOW, WOW

  1. Woei says:

    Now that there are so much choices for pre-amp, which should be a better value. Prologue premium preamp, Dialogue 3 or Dialogue premium preamp? Also would the new MM/MC board be compatible with all these 3 pre-amps, especially Dialogue 3?

    • Hallo. DiaLogue Premium is the better preamp. A result of further development steps. The new MM/MC board to come is for ProLogue Premium and DiaLogue Premium preamplifiers.

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