PrimaLuna PhonoLogue MM and MM/MC phono preamplfiers with RIAA correction


PrimaLuna PhonoLogue MM and MM/MC phono preamplfiers with RIAA correction

The well-known PrimaLuna PhonoLogue MM phono preamplifier with RIAA correction for mounting in all PrimaLuna integrated and pre-amplifiers has been back-ordered for a while, but is back in stock again.

Fully Surface Mount Technology implementation for shortest signal paths as well as minimum parastic capacitances and inductances. Excellent parts throughout, selected on sound quality as first priority: miniature film capacitors, minimelf resistors, superior opamp for highest accuracy, lowest noise, highest speed and most robust drive capabilities into the RIAA correction stage, resulting in a very detailed, open and lifelike sound from any LP record. Low impedance electrolytics, super low-noise power supply. Dimensions: Small as a big stamp! Superior sound quality on a tiny footprint.

Next to that we now also have available now the PhonoLogue Premium MM/MC phono preamplifier. This (larger) board has been designed to give the very best sonic result for MM as well as MC cartridges.

PrimaLuna PhonoLogue Board


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45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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20 Responses to PrimaLuna PhonoLogue MM and MM/MC phono preamplfiers with RIAA correction

  1. andredaug says:

    greetings: would like to try the PhonoLogue Premium in my prologue. please direct us to a site with order instrcutions/info. thanks -andre

  2. NIK says:

    What is the price of PhonoLogue Premium in Europe?

  3. Woei says:


    I am looking at getting this in Australia.

    1) Where can I get this and how soon can the stock reach Australia?
    2) How much is the retail price in Australia?
    3) Can I also ask if the new PhonoLogue Premium can be fitted in the Dialogue 3?

  4. Tim says:


    if I read correctly, the Phonologue can be installed in a Prologue One, is this correct?
    If so, where can I find one in The Netherlands?

    Thanks in advance,


  5. Randy J says:

    I’m a new Primaluna owner and just found this post, I know it’s old. I was told the Phonologue Premium is not available in the USA yet. Is it available in Europe? Is there any way to still get it in the USA or an estimated USA availability? Also, what is the USA price?

  6. Chris Garbett says:

    Could you tell me where in the UK the phonologue premium may be purchased and the current price, please? Thanks.

  7. Hi

    I am seeking to resurrect this thread. Can I confirm that the phonoboard is in fact available in Australia? There is virtually no information concerning it at all and it would be great to put it in my Prima Luna Dialogue Premium.


    Rob Castiglione

    • beheerder says:

      Yes, I believe we are getting some of these direction Australia, but will ask and cc you.

      • Thanks for the reply. In fact I have checked with Magenta Audio the distributor here in Australia who have been very responsive. I am getting one in a few weeks and am really looking forward to trying it out.

        Of course, it is almost redundant to say so but I will anyway – the Prima Luna Dialogue is a truly outstanding amplifier and I am enjoying it enormously.


        Rob Castiglione

        • beheerder says:

          Hi Robert! Trying might not be so easy as till now it is a kind of a hassle to get a board installed. The MM version is kind of OK. The MM/MC is something we are still discussing here and it has to be mounted outside on the bottomplate for hum-sentivity reasons. The problem is that we designed the amps to be line source only. The MM and later the MM/MC are designs made after that the amps were designed and in fact already in production. Noth boards perform very well for what they are, but space is really an issue. Will have discussion here again about that on Monday. Have a nice weekend. Best regards, Herman

          • David Le says:

            Hi Herman,

            Any update on the product availability in Australia as well as installation guide for MM/MC board? I inquired Magenta Audio late last year but was told there was no stock in Australia and they had no ideas when new stock would come in.

  8. Philippe Le Bihan says:

    Hi, I am an (very) happy Dialogue 2 owner for eighth years now.
    I am now adding a vinyl turntable to my system.
    Is the MM/MC board compatible with my Dialogue 2?
    Is it available in France?
    How do you switch from MM to MC or vice versa?
    Best regards,

  9. johannes says:

    hello, where to buy the the phono stage in europe? any online seller from netherlands maybe? thanks

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