NEW! ”Bermuda Audio Tuning” Tube Dampers! Now Available!!

bermuda292x120Durob Audio introduces under the brand name “Bermuda Audio Tuning” a series of new tube dampers for 19 – 22 mm tubes like 12ax and 12au7. The idea is simple: add mass to the tube through a more or less flexible connection made out of heat resistant silicon rings. Each ring is attached to the tube in a so-called “Bermuda-Triangle” configuration. The tube dampers are provided in different combinations:

2 aluminum rings / 1 silicon ring (minimum damping) € 15

Weight: 10,8 grams

Height: 11 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia


3 aluminium rings / 2 silicon rings (minimum – average damping) € 20

Weight: 16,9 gram

Height: 22 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia


4 aluminum rings / 3 silicon rings (average damping) € 25

Weight: 22,5 gram

Height: 26 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia


6 aluminium rings / 5 silicon rings (maximum damping) € 35

Weight: 36,2 gram

Height: 40 mm

Outside Dia: 34,6 Dia

The “Bermuda” tube dampers come with 2 versions of the aluminium rings (with low weight variation between each) so you do the maximum fine tuning possible.

The “Bermuda Audio Tuning” tube dampers are available in 2 colors (silver and black) and suitable for all tubes with a diameter of 19 – 22 mm.

Available now in wholesale supply (no retail packaging available yet). Please contact Durob Audio for more information!

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2 Responses to NEW! ”Bermuda Audio Tuning” Tube Dampers! Now Available!!

  1. Mark Boccaccio says:

    I have a heard conflicting statements regarding tube dampers. The only thing I’m sure is my total lack of knowledge. I imagine Herman has the opinion that will move the mountain, so what’s your verdict, kind Sir? I have the Dialogue Premium Integrated, and the Classic CD player, both superb. Should I harness up?

    • beheerder says:

      Hello Mark,

      As with all tuning products, you can only verify if it works for you by …
      trying it. Our ideal execution of this project would be that the client buys
      a full assortment of Tube Dampers, experiment to the max, keeps what he
      thinks is ideal in his situation and returns what he does not need. That
      makes a local dealer around the corner such a good thing.

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