Recommended by Hifi Pig magazine: The PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier

Prologue Premium Integrated Amplifier - silver - special shot - HR - JPGHifi Pig magazine has published their Year book 2014!. In the book you find the most important audio news that they have published in 2014! In this year book they also published their review of The PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium integrated Amplifier, Written by Dan Worth. We are proud that our ProLogue Premium Integrated is noted as ”Recommended” The full Year Book you can find on the website and Facebookpage of Hifi Pig magazine! The review of The PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated you find on page 43 t/m 46.

Some quote’s are:

”The more typical ‘old school’ valve enthusiast would take one look at this valve compliment and suggest that the amp would have a large, overblown midrange, soft bass
and perhaps a rolled off treble. How wrong he would be!”

”Vocals on the Prologue Premier are strong vibrantand clean in nature, projected and very slightly upfront- which is how I like them”

”With its ability to switch between KT88,EL34’s and their variants via a simpleflick of a switch and its non-deadly auto-biasing feature, the PrimaLuna is extremely flexible and should cater to the specifics of most users”

‘I for one would certainly stump up the pennies for one of these”

Click HERE for enter the Hifi Pig Year book 2014 and the website of Hifi Pig magazine! Ask your local dealer for more information about the PrimaLuna ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier!. Visit also the website of PrimaLuna HERE and HERE. If there is no local dealer or distributor please contact Durob Audio. directly.



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