Help! My remote-control is out of control…

Remote PrimaLuna And,  of course,  always at the wrong moment:-).

If your remote-control doesn’t function anymore, it is probably a matter of changing the batteries against good quality, same type of batteries. Sometimes that doesn’t work and you need to investigate a little more, so:

  1. Check the batteries in use; if you notice any proof of leakage (wet or dry), forget these batteries.
  2. Check the battery contacts in the remote and clean these if you feel / see that this is necessary. Also using contact-cleaner, contact-enhancer is a good idea.
  3. If new good quality batteries (just take Duracell and you have nothing to worry about) make the remote function again, you are done!
  4. If the remote with cleaned contacts ánd fresh full batteries still does not function, it might be that the remote is really broken. How to test? Just do like you want to take a picture of the eye of your remote and on the screen of your digital camera you will see the led light up (if the remote functions) once you press a button on the remote. If the remote is broken you won’t see the led on the picture.
  5. If you do see the led light up on the picture, but your equipment does not react, then I am afraid the receiver is broken and the only thing you can do is bring the equipment to your specialist dealer.
  6. And … last but not least … never use chargeable batteries in your remotes.

Hope this info from Durob’s service department by Michiel is of help for you and can save you some time, money and travel!


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