Customer Review: ” The PrimaLuna ProLogue sounds so good…just phenomenal.”

The team of Upscale Audio received a great review from a recent PrimaLuna ProLogue integrated amp customer.

“I’ve had 3 different types of tube amps over the years. I’d gotten discouraged and gave up on tube amplification because of short-tube life and the associated damage from tube failures necessitating bias-circuit repairs.” [A friend put him on to PrimaLuna, and he bought a ProLogue integrated. Limited stocks left!] “I tried using the ProLogue to drive a pair of Totem Acoustic Forests. These are less efficient (86/87 dB rating) though they have a relatively benign (6 ohm minimum) impedance curve. I was AMAZED at how good the Forests sound especially given the prevailing wisdom on these speakers is that they are power-hungry and need big watts to sound their best. I’ve got a couple of solid-state amps with power ratings of 200wpc and more. Right now, I’m wondering when I’ll be using them! The PrimaLuna ProLogue sounds so good…just phenomenal. It provides great imaging, rich sonic texture and is a joy to listen to music with. “Sitting ~10 feet from the speakers and listening typically in the 80-85 db range with peaks in the low 90s, the volume on the Prologue is only at 10-11AM. It’s a solid, well-crafted piece. I had been using a pair of subs to supplement bass. They are switched off.”

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Note: The ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier is replaced by the EVO 200 Integrated Amplifier. Click HERE to learn more about the EVO 200 Integrated Amplifier.

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2 Responses to Customer Review: ” The PrimaLuna ProLogue sounds so good…just phenomenal.”

  1. John Sperduti says:

    I really have a question as I’m in the process of building a 2 ch system. I will pairing the amp w the Heresey iv and although the Evo 300 is in my price range do you think that a prologue one would sound better as I am unable to demo either so getting feedback is very helpful

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