Show report: The November Hifi Show 2019 Manilla

Our distributor, Mr Lars Chua from the Philippines has shared some very nice pictures of The November Hifi Show in Manilla. In the pictures, you see the notorious Infinity IRS Beta loudspeakers that are powered by our PrimaLuna Amplifiers.

According to Mr Lars Chua, the visitors of the room were very impressed about how our PrimaLuna amplifiers powered the Infinity IRS Beta loudspeakers! Read the show report of Lars Chua below.

It was a successful show indeed! Our room had the best sound in the entire exhibit.

The all PrimaLuna amplification did very well on the notorious Infinity IRS Betas! The woofer towers were driven by two PrimaLuna ProLogue amps in mono.

According to the late J. Gordon Holt and Larry Archibald of Stereophile, IRS Betas need a huge room to create a good soundstage.

The older audiophiles knew we pulled off an impossible feat, but the whole music presentation was seamless even with the 5-way drivers.

Our tube amps were fast and the woofer cones were never lagging. The music used included The Sheffield drum test disc in Digital and Analog. It was realistically live and palpable. Bass was deep and very very tight and at the same time extended.

Hereby we want to thank Mr Lars Chua and his team in the Philippines for representing PrimaLuna during the show.

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2 Responses to Show report: The November Hifi Show 2019 Manilla

  1. John Tan says:

    Hi i am interested in the primaluna evo 100 integrated amp can you direct me to the distributor here in the philippines ? Thanks a lot

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