Customer review: PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Preamplifier

The team of Upscale Audio received a very nice review from Skip Gordon about his PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Preamplifier.

I have had a keen interest in high end audio for over 40 years. I have owned many high quality solid state product but I never have owned a vacuum tube product until recently. I had Klipsch RF 7III speakers and two REL S/5 SHO subs that were powered by Anthem STR separates with a Thorens TD 146 table when I began my adventure into the vacuum tube world. I had always thought about trying a moving coil cartridge and upgrading my table so I bought the EAT C Sharp table and it comes with their MC J No 5 cartridge. The improvement was good but I wanted more. EAT has a vacuum tube phono preamp so I though ok give it a try. Now I had the EAT table, phono preamp + their LPS (Linear Power Supply). Again this was another set up. The store I bought the EAT gear also sold PrimaLuna and after reading and hearing so much about the sound of PrimaLuna I decided to give them a try. The EVO 400 Preamp came first and then the first EVO 400 power amp and then the second. The improvement cannot be described. I truly have been blown away. The clarity and dimensional character to the sound I have now is remarkable. The dynamics are beyond my highest expectations. Anyone that is interested in having the best listening experience possible should own PrimaLuna. It is just that simple. You cannot go wrong.

Thank you Skip Gordon! Thank you Upscale Audio!

Click HERE to learn more about our PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Preamplifier


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45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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1 Response to Customer review: PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Preamplifier

  1. Chris says:

    That’s an interesting review. I hope he didn’t use the word “dementional” deliberately! 🙂
    Certainly “dimensional” I would agree with.
    I have not heard the EVO range having just bought Dialogue Premium Pre and Powers, but I expect they are amazing. I just dare not listen to them – my wallet could not stand it just now.
    Everything Primaluna has made has been phenomenal in my experience.

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