Which Headphone Is The Best For My PrimaLuna Amplifier?

Studio Audio Recording Headphones Pile Stack. Credit: http://www.maxpixel.net

The use of headphones has been very popular for some time now! A few years ago, we introduced our PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier. It was our first amplifier where we used eight power tubes instead of 4!

HP stands for High Power, but also for HeadPhone! Besides introducing the use of eight power tubes, the DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier was also our first amplifier with an headphone output.

A few years ago Jeff Dorgay of ToneAudio Magazine published his review about our ( now his ) PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium HP Integrated Amplifier and the comments that he made were:

“Awesome as the HP is as an integrated amplifier, it’s pretty amazing as a headphone amplifier, too. A quick throwback to the ’70s with some Iron Butterfly and Pink Floyd along with the Flaming Lips to keep it in this century — all via the Audeze LCD-2s — is breathtaking. Sampling about ten different phones makes it clear that the HP is not only a world class integrated amplifier, it’s a world class headphone amp as well.”

Everything in our headphone arsenal was driven with ease, so true head fiers can rest at ease; the HP will drive the range of your can collection. This is grain-free, tubey goodness at its best, providing a few very long, non-fatiguing headphone listening sessions. Revisiting familiar headphone tracks underlines the HPs ability to paint a massive sonic landscape that, like some of the worlds finest headphone amplifiers, simply makes the headphones disappear, getting you further into the music. So when you consider that PrimaLuna is pretty much throwing in a $2,000 headphone amp with the deal, the HP becomes an even better bargain.”

The positive comments from Jeff Dorgay, but also from PrimaLuna owners worldwide, ensured that when designing our PrimaLuna EvoLution Series, we wanted to equip all our integrated amplifiers with an headphone output.

On the web, you can find and read several experiences from people who share their “HeadPhone Experience” when using our PrimaLuna amplifiers as a headphone amp! A PrimaLuna EVO 300 owner says:

“Triode vs Ultra Linear is cool too. I find myself switching almost every song to hear the difference and decide which way I want to hear the given song. Triode makes the tubes sound come out more polite. Ultra-Linear gives that edge back to the music. It is more aggressive.”

The PrimaLuna is a great tube amp that does justify the price even as “just” a headphone amp. I am happy with my purchase.”

PrimaLuna EVO 300 Tube Integrated Amplifier

Some time ago we shared a blog with the title: What Are The Best Tubes For My PrimaLuna Amplifier? We believe that the answer on that questionis also valid for the question Which Headphone Is Best For My PrimaLuna Amplifier?  There is no absolute answer to that because each headphone has his own character and his own type of sound. Also, there are several factors, such as other components in your music system, your budget and more. Not to forget your own hearing-abilities and preferences. It is a very personal decision to make! But comments from qualified colleagues or reviewers can be an indication for you.

PrimaLuna Amplifier Owners Group

If you are active on Facebook, the following group might be of interest to you: PrimaLuna Amplifier Owners Group. This independent group was founded by and for PrimaLuna owners/fans from all over the world. The members of this fast-growing group have the most experience with PrimaLuna products and are very helpful.

Through the link below you can register for the group and ask your question to members of the group. Remember, no answer is absolute. It is an indication to send you in the correct direction.


Note: If you own a PrimaLuna amplifier and use it ( also ) as a headphone amplifier? Please let us know what your experience is and which headphone(s) you use? 

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