Interview Ricardo Franassovici – Absolute Sounds by Matej Isak of Mono And Stereo Magazine

In the early days of High End Audio in Europe, Durob Audio was the exclusive European distributor for Koetsu cartridges. We had distributors in several countries but due to limited quantities (only 30 pieces per month) we didn’t care too much about finding a distributor in the UK.

As we were also more or less the exclusive distributor for most audiophile records available worldwide, we did a lot of record business with Mr. John Soyka of a company called Quadramail in the UK. He was visiting us on a regular basis and one day while we were sorting out a new shipment of Koetsu cartridges, he visited and asked “What’s that”. He left with a lot of records and some Koetsu cartridges.

At a certain moment we were called by a person with a very difficult name. Franassovici. He wanted the distribution for Koetsu. I told him, Sorry, but we are already working with Quadramail. Ricardo didn’t give up. And I mean HE DIDN’T GIVE UP! We ordered a 2nd telephone-line as he was keeping us so much busy, we were afraid to lose business. Ricardo kept on calling, but we kept being loyal. Then one day we learnt that Quadramail went into financial trouble, Mr. Soyka left the country and we could move on to Ricardo Franassovici. I think Koetsu was his first official representation, but I am not 100% sure about that. For sure it was in his very early days of High End Audio … Listen to the man who did more for High End Audio becoming worldwide what it is now, than anyone else I know of.    

Herman van den Dungen – Durob Audio

Read the entire interview from Matej Isak with Ricardo Franassovici through the link below.

PrimaLuna is distributed in the United Kingdom by Ricardo Franassovic and his company Absolute Sounds

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