Very nice pictures received from Mr Denzil Sequeira living in Goa India!

This week we received some very nice pictures from Mr Denzil Sequeira living in Goa India. He sent us pictures of his music system that includes a PrimaLuna ProLogue One Integrated amplifier and Tannoy loudspeakers…The Tannoy loudspeakers were inherited by Denzil some time ago. On the pictures below you can see Abimanu, a local woodworker, working on the cabinets.

Besides being the proud owner of a PrimaLuna ProLogue One and a pair of Tannoy loudspeakers, Denzil is also the proud owner of a beautiful beach resort in Goa India! Goa is without a doubt one of the nicest places of India. It has been a very popular holiday destination for a long time. Among other things Goa is famous and praised for its beautiful, extensive beaches, great parties and good music!

If you are interested to visit Goa in the future,  then perhaps a stay at Denzil is a very nice opportunity. At his beach resort, you can enjoy the beautiful surroundings.

For more information please visit the website: and on Instagram:

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  1. I don’t claim to be an audiofile expert but with a few months of lots of research with speaker cabinet design, I produced speaker cabinets that sound infinity better than the original Tannoy design cabinets they were originally in. I’m also astonished that when you hear these speakers, the scale, the depth and and the quality of sound, one would expect they were being driven by a much bigger amplifier. I’m using the ProLogue One with Valve Art EL34’S, NOS RCA clear top 12au7 and Bel 12AX7 tubes. I’ve tried various other tubes but this seems to work best for my setup. I also tried KT88’s and increased the bias but they didn’t sound as good as the EL34s.

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