Customer Review: PrimaLuna EVO 300 Tube Integrated Amplifier

OK…this integrated amp is really impressive! I wanted something to drive my Klipsch Heresy IV’s I bought a couple months ago. Had a very good Denon AV receiver but wife & I decided to ditch the home theater set up and do stereo only. Did a lot of research and decided to go with PrimaLuna and UpscaleAudio. I am no audiophile but I love listening to music and I want it to sound good! After talking on phone with Al decided to go with the EVO300. Hooked up this bad boy one snow stormy night, powered it up and…WOW! This amp drives my speakers to produce sound so full and rich. The amount/volume of sound is so satisfying at any volume level. The ability to select between Ultra-linear and Triode mode for your listening pleasure is a fantastic feature. It is amazing how a nice little integrated tube amp (uh…it is 68 pounds) can have you listening to all your stuff you have not listened to in a long time. The Audio Masters Speaker Setup disc I got with my order is really a great selection of music to hear wonderful sound and to help with speaker placement. This amp continues to impress every time we listen no matter the source. I highly recommend this quality made piece of equipment. Love this amp!


Thank you very much James for your support! Highly appreciated! On the website of Upscale Audio you can find more customer reviews about our PrimaLuna EVO 300 Tube Integrated Amplifier.

More information about our PrimaLuna EVO 300 Tube Integrated Amplifier you can find on the following websites.

PrimaLuna USA website:

PrimaLuna Mondial website:

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