PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Integrated Amplifier. Stereophile Recommended Component 2022!

We are happy and proud to inform you that our PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Integrated Amplifier is listed in Stereophile Magazine Recommended Components List 2022!

Here is what Stereophile Magazine has to say about our EVO 400 Tube Integrated:

The Dutch company’s new top-of-the-line integrated tube amplifier uses six 12AU7 mini triodes and four pairs of EL34 output tubes, which can be operated in Triode or Ultralinear mode. (Higher-power KT-150s can also be used.) The EVO 400 offers 4 ohm and 8 ohm output transformer taps and there are also headphone, tape monitor, and line-level subwoofer outputs. (An optional moving magnet phono stage costs $249 but wasn’t fitted to the review sample.) The circuitry is almost entirely hard-wired—no printed circuit boards are in the signal path. RvB commented on the PrimaLuna’s extraordinary clarity and detail retrieval. He compared the two output tube modes and wrote that Ultralinear provided the clearest lens into the music, Triode taking the edge off. At low frequencies, he sometimes heard less control in the bass than he does with solid state amplifiers. “But the music chugged and jived in ways that left no room for disappointment,” he noted. The EVO 400 is specified as offering maximum powers of 38Wpc into 8 ohms in Triode mode and 70Wpc into 8 ohms in Ultralinear mode. JA measured 63Wpc into 8 ohms at 1% THD+N in Ultralinear mode, and the specified 70Wpc at 3% THD+N. In Triode mode, the 8 ohm tap gave 33Wpc. JA concluded that the PrimaLuna EVO 400’s measured performance was what he would expect from an amplifier with a push-pull output stage that uses paralleled EL34 tubes. The test results suggest that the lowest distortion will be obtained from the 4 ohm tap in Ultralinear mode.

In case you have missed the review from Stereophile about our PrimaLuna EVO 400 Tube Integrated Amplifier. Click on the following link to read the entire review:

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