Bart C. from The Netherlands about “Pleasure to make music!”

I didn’t know they called this tube-rolling… but how much fun is this!

And what a power comes with these KT88’s you gave me! And what wonderful amps are these PrimaLuna’s!

This is really “plug and play”and after that enjoy. Yes, yes, I know the tubes have to burn in, to settle, but I hope you don’t mind if I already enjoy it now?

This way it is very easy to mix and match. with a lot of different kind of speakers and cables. I own a pair of small, nasty speakers, which only want to wake up with a 2×250 watt amplifier. But what’s amazing is that my ProLogue 4 with KT88’s, now called ProLogue 4 and 5 are showing these little guys who is the BOSS in the system!

With a miraculous almost organic power. The small ones follow with pleasure.

Pleasure to make music!

Special note from PrimaLuna: We would like to thank all PrimaLuna’s owners that have sent to us their own PrimaLuna reviews. We will publish all of them within the coming weeks.

Go on, tell us what you think, what you hear, what you experience… If you do not feel at your ease to write in English, it does not matter we will publish in your own language and try to get a translation into English. (Our distributors will be pleased to help us). Thanks again!!!

About beheerder

45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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2 Responses to Bart C. from The Netherlands about “Pleasure to make music!”

  1. robwilms says:

    Have you ever heard how great EAT KT88 tubes sound in a PrimaLuna?
    The whole sound gets so much better. The feeling of power, control, space, natural sound. Everything in which PrimaLuna is already extremely good gets (even a lot) better. Ok, They are expensive but to get an upgrade in your sound like this in cabling would be much more expensive!

  2. hermanvandendungen says:

    It’s absolutely true what Rob says about EAT KT88 tubes. It’s as one of my collegues in UK says “Viagra” for tube-amps. These tubes cost quite a bit of money, but are NOT expensive for what you (can) get. I say “can get”, as not all amps feel comfortable with these tubes (or the other way around), but PrimaLuna works fine with these tubes. And even in absolute terms the tubes are not expensive if compared with the prices of other good hifi components like cables or phonocartridges. Think of how much work goes into a handmade tube. Another distributor is raving about the DiaLogue Two – EAT combination:

    “When we started using EAT tubes in the PrimaLuna DiaLogue amplifiers we were totally surprised by the results and since then some of our dealers sell EAT tubes as a special upgrade for the DiaLogue Two amplifiers. We use the “Diamond versions” of their tubes with their “cool dampers” built on and a couple of extra cool dampers for the 12AU7’s …

    Although this will almost double the retail price of a DiaLogue Two, the results are so spectacular that most of the time customers buy the whole package, or buy the tubes later after initial purchase of a DiaLogue Two. While the EAT tubes are known to be fragile in certain amplifiers, it seems like the DiaLogue amps are built for EAT, or the other way around …

    Some of our dealers have in their shops the most expensive amplifiers from brands like Accuphase, Electrocompaniet etc. … And we all agree: an “EAT-Equipped DiaLogue Two” will outperform ANY other amplifier, tubes or solid state, even large systems with separate monoblocs etc. .-. The sound is just SO MUCH more dynamic, transparent, natural … And the most surprising, a DiaLogue Two with EAT can play really, really LOUD. There just seems to be no power limitation anymore.”

    I think all has been said ..

    The DiaLogue Two’s are great amplifiers as they come with the original tubes. But it is again a total different world after you have plugged in the EAT’s.

    The DiaLogue Two is a remarkable amplifier, the EAT tubes can amaze you in many ways, the combination of these brings you in a total different league of High End Audio. I really recommend that anyone who owns this amplifier, plugs in a whole package of 4 x KT88 + 2 x ECC803S + 2 x Cool Dampers to hear at least once in a lifetime what this combination can do. I wonder who can live after that, without …

    Of course you will create the same effect in the other DiaLogue models which are all built up the same way.

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