Thanos K. (Athens-Greece) shares its sweet combo… what a music delight!

Thanos is a real tube roller. The particular set of tubes you hear in this video is: Raytheon 5814 blackplates triple mica in place of 12AU7, the JAN GE Long Plate for the 12AX7 and the SEG Winged C for the EL34.

Good luck to everybody who is in tube rolling.

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45 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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  1. hermanvandendungen says:

    Thanks Thanos! There are maybe 2 disadvantages with tube rolling in a PrimaLuna DiaLogue Two: the PL tubes are relatively inexpensive as we deal with these as non-profit items to keep the PrimaLuna owner’s hobby as affordable as possible and next to that, if you use non-PrimaLuna tubes, you don’t have these PrimaLuna logo’s staring at you :-).

    All PrimaLuna amps have the Adaptive Auto Bias Board and that means you can exchange with (compatible) tubes without hassling with a screwdriver and meter for setting your bias. This Adaptive Auto Bias Board was the idea of Mr. Kevin Deal who represents PrimaLuna in USA, South America and Canada. He realised that many clients were in the field without technical knowledge or without time to bias the tubes each time they change tubes, or every 2 months even without exchanging tubes -tubes to change in time and as such you normally have to re-bias for optimum performance-. The Adaptive Auto Bias Board does more than that, an if people indicate they would like to know more about it, I can write about it in a next post.

    • newthas says:

      Well, you’re right about the logo. ;-)Your designer is a genius- everything in primaluna is so beautiful but the basic PL tubes can easily put the sound in a bright and aggressive path. Dialogue two is a very powerful amplifier with strong bass and very extended highs, so hi frequencies might suffer with all these digital stuff we usually combine. My advice to everyone is to read, to ask, to play with tubes. This beautiful amp has a lot more to give and Ebay is a tube paradise.
      I’ me very glad you like this poor video I made. My house was a mess that day with all these wires and cd’s around. Thank you all for your support.

    • Antonio Melo says:

      I own a small Prologue One, a Dialogue Two and a Prologue Eight CD reader.
      I have rolled some tubes around with interesting results.
      Now I wonder whether I could substitute the KT-88 of the Dialogue Two for the Tung Sol KT-120. The point is that the filament of the 120’s draws 1.7A to 1.95A .or .1 Amp to .35 Amp (100 to 350 ma) more current than a KT88 so one must check with the amp manufacturer to make sure the filament transformer will handle the increase in current (at .35A/tube and if one has a quad (as is the case of the Dialogue Two) that is 1.4A total additional current draw with normal current of 1.6A/tube).
      Can you help? Thanks in advance,
      A. Melo

      • Hi Antonio,

        Thank you for being a great PrimaLuna supporter with 3 pieces at home! I have sent you by seperate email an answer on your questions re use of the KT-120.

        Best regards and thanks again!

        Herman van den Dungen

        • RL says:

          I have prima luna prologue 6 monos and the same question about kt 120. Could I safely try them?

          • hermanvandendungen says:

            Sorry, the transformers are NOT made for these tubes. Things might go well for a while but … So we can not recommend the use of these.

            Best regards,

            Herman van den Dungen
            DUROB AUDIO BV

            • RL says:

              Thanks! I am now using 6550 and they sound better than 6L6 GC that I used previoulsy. Do you see any obstacles in using them longer or I should switch back to 6L6?

              • No problem at all using the 6550. Enjoy!

                Best regards,

                Herman van den Dungen

                • RL says:

                  Happy New Year,

                  Two questions from a happy user:

                  – I am considering purchase of a new pre-amp, and I am hesitating whether to choose Mystere ca21 or prima luna dialogue pre; what’s your recommendation, I have read enhusiastic Mystere reviews; but also opinions that these two components are substianially same.

                  – second question: could I use kt90 in prologue 6 monos?

                  Best regards

                  • hermanvandendungen says:

                    You have to listen, look, consider yourself. Both products are totally DIFFERENT. But obviously within the design-concept we did well in both cases. Yes, you can use KT90 although we never tried it.

                    • RL says:

                      After a while I have chosen Mystere ca 21, which sounds beatiful with prologue 6, but probably the due could sound even better with more sophisticated tubes. I am thinking about replacement of 6sn7 tubes – any recommendations? To my surprise 6550 sound much better – lively and palable – than kt 88.

  2. hermanvandendungen says:

    Don’t worry about the mess. According to some people cleaning the house or office very carefully is because the cleaning person is too lazy to search for things :-). Cleaning is often moving something to a place where people don’t see it. The desk is clean, but the person behind the desk (who often owns that spot and has to work on that spot) has lost everything … What a pity. As for the tubes: true these PL tubes are not “mellow” and not intended to be. If digital source is harsh, the rest of the system should not make it sound “smooth”. At least that’s what I feel. We better look into the digital source and improve that as much a we can.

  3. Randy says:

    I have a PrimaLuna Dialogue 2, and I have been itching to try the KT120’s. Antonio, have you tried them in the Dialogue 2?


    • Antonio Melo says:

      Not yet! I am still using the full package of Russian Genalex Gold Lion’s and so far very satisfied.
      Will post when trying the 120’s!.

  4. peter says:

    Great to see this amp gets so many praises,

    I do have mine for over A year now ( it replaced the PL-one).
    And its truly a Gem to own every day.
    I did not much Tube rolling yet but can the Dialogue two handle the KT120?
    or is the amp used by the Tung sol a bit to heavy for the transformers.?
    ( iam thinking to buy some Cremona auditors that`s why).

    grt Peter

    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Sorry, the transformers are NOT made for these tubes. Things might go well for a while but … So we can not recommend the use of these. I am happy to hear you enjoy your PrimaLuna amplifier so much.

      Best regards,

      Herman van den Dungen

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