Las Vegas (4)

January 7th, 2011

Well we can resume the day in one word: busy. For a few years, CES seemed to have less visitors especially into the high-end sector; this year, it seems that it is really spinning the other way around. It is extremely busy.

We have been very busy all day, not only with American dealers, but also with international distributors: Canada, Italy, Turkey, South Korea, United Kingdom, Singapour, Malaysia, Japan, Indonesia, Australia, New Zealand, France, Germany, Austria… name it, they were all here and wanted to know about our new products, the Premium and the Classic ranges.

Some guys know how to attract the attention: check those girls from Canada, they are at the show to promote the Canadian High-End show and gosh they do it good.

Cy dancing with the girls

Kevin getting married with the girls

At night, of course business goes on: the high end distributor family went out for a dinner at a very nice steakhouse outside the hotel. (Since our arrival on Tuesday we had not yet been outside, so it was nice to take a bit of fresh air).

From left to right: Martin Ferrari (Krell – South America), Herman van den Dungen (Durob Audio – Benelux), Resa Oskoui (Montana Audio – Switzerland)

Alan Sircom (UK journalist hifi+) and Dominique Chenet (Durob Audio – Benelux)

Petra D’Agostino, Luca Natali (Audio Natali – Italy) and Dan D’Agostino

Ricardo Franassovici (Absolute Sounds – United kingdom) and a friend

Josefina (Audio Tuning – Austria) and Ken Kessler (UK journalist – hifi News)

Petra D’Agostino and Luca Natali (Audio Natali – Italy)

Ken Kessler cleaning the dishes… and Dominique Chenet (Durob Audio – Benelux) with Marco Natali (Audio Natali -Italy)

Heinz Lichtenegger (Audio Tuning – Austria), Dan D’ Agostino and Herman van den Dungen ( Durob Audio – Benelux)

Finally we went to the hotel and we found out that there was an internet problem and that certainly this post was not through!!!!

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