Welcome to the Machine …. PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier 2012

Let’s say this is the Post Scriptum.

Most of our readers know we were in China for controlling the production run, parts etc. Just before I left I was asked by one of you if it was possible to have the amp start up with the selection it was using before switching off. Well, that is possible from now on and this “feature” will be available in all PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium models. While discussing this we also decided to offer the same possibility for the UL/TR setting. No big news, but anyway again a little step to make this machine more pleasant in use for at least one of yours.

About hermanvandendungen

Almost 40 years of being with and in the world of high-end audio equipment. As distributor of Krell, Sonus Faber, Cello, Conrad-Johnnson and many more, initiator of brands like Kiseki, Cogelco, AH!, PrimaLuna, Mystère and maybe more to follow.
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9 Responses to Welcome to the Machine …. PrimaLuna DiaLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier 2012

  1. Max says:

    Bonjour Hermann!

    I am the one who made the suggestion about the source selection. I must admit, I am quite impressed that you took that suggestion so seriously and that you had It implanted already. The DiaLogue Premium went from #1 on my list to… #1 again!

    Thank you VERY much Monsieur!

    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Hi Max!

      I started as consumer and already then I realised that I was the one having the most experience with a product. I am in the lucky position that I wear “different hats”. I am a consumer, I have to take care of design, manufacturing, distributing, we have shops, so I can put my ear everywhere to learn. Having that unique opportunity, it is also important to do with it what’s possible. Voilà! Thank YOU!

      Best regards,

      Herman van den Dungen

  2. Ales Dolzan says:

    Hello Herman,

    I’m using PL Dialogue One for 2 years now. I’m enjoying amp very much. I have question about Ultralinear/Triode switch, which is on remote unit only. Is it possible to modify PL to have outside hardware switch, not to use remote which i don’t use at all. Is possible to upgrade the Dialoque One to Premium level for same EL 34 tubes?

    Thanks for answer.


    Ales, Ljubljana

    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Dear Ales,

      Thanks for your email and good to read you are happy with your DiaLogue One.

      Re your questions: I think EVERYTHING is always possible as the Premium is of course a follow up of the DiaLogue Original, but due to all kind of confusion and misunderstanding that can happen during these processes we do not have upgrades available. We like to keep the products in the market original as they have been produced.

      Best regards,

      Herman van den Dungen

  3. Martijn says:


    I’m following this blog for a while now and I’m enjoying the stories and info a lot.
    However, I was wondering if there’s a delay in the production of the Dialogue Premium.

    According to this blog it should have hit the stores in june, but, unless I’m mis-informed, this is not the case yet.

    Patience is a virtue but…. is there any news on this?

    Thanks in advance.

    All the best,


    • hermanvandendungen says:

      Production just finished for a number of units and shipping now to Australia / New Zealand, Vietnam, USA, Canada, South America. Next few days more shipments will go out. Depending where you are, in between 20 and 35 days these should land. If you want a personal message about this, do not hesistate to send me a persobnal email at herman@durob.nl.

      Best regards,

      Herman van den Dungen

      • Mark Boccaccio says:

        Hi Herman- I hope this finds you well. What is your bottom line perpective on KT150 tubes in a Dialogue Premium Integrated amp? Will the power or bottom grip improve? How do they present the soundstage as compared to KT120’s?
        Thanks, and all the best-Mark Boccaccio

  4. Mark Boccaccio says:

    Hermann- i’m sure you’ve forgotten more about audio than I’ll ever know,so forgive my ignorance. I have both the dialogue premium integrated and your prologue classic cd player. I have a pair of martin logan electro-motion entry level EM-ESL’s hybrid speakers, and a couple of SVS 13″ ultra sealed subs. I am using tungsol kt120’s and matched NOS cifte 12au7’s. Any feedback regarding the 120’s or Cifte’s? Kevin deal at upscale loves them, and made it all possible. On a positive note, I can’t believe what i’m hearing. Any chatter Out there regarding optimum modern music tube combo’s?

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