Frank Berryman of Ultra High-End Review talks about the ProLogue Premium Integrated Amplifier

ultrahighend” The PrimaLuna Prologue Premium surprised me in several regards. First, it did not fit the stereotype of a lush sound with amorphous bass and rolled off highs; in other words, it was not euphonic in the extreme. It had a realistically organic sound, perhaps on the relaxed side, which means it will pair nicely with the plethora of speakers on the market which I find to be generally too bright; which is not to say it does not provide all the detail you would want when the detail is in the source. In addition, though it is rated at only 35 watts/channel, it had no trouble providing ample power to my demanding 86 db sensitive Magnepan MMGs loudspeakers. It might be true what they say about tube watts being different than solid-state watts, and I am not talking here about soft-clipping. With its strong performance and versatility, it is an easy recommendation for someone adventurous enough to want to build a system around an integrated tube amplifier. And it calls out for an analog source, so grab yourself a turntable while you are at it. Don’t forget the optional MM phono stage PrimaLuna offers when selecting your cartridge.”

Click on the picture below to read Frank Berryman‘s full review.


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