Two great Audiophile stereo systems under US10 000… and guess what? Both of them include a PrimaLuna!!!

digitaltrendsOn April 7, Digital Trends published a very nice article with a super cool title:  “Grandma left you how much in the will?”

A very interesting article about building up an audiophile system under 10.000 USD. the reviewer, Ian White, proposes to get a PrimaLuna in each of his system proposal. Well, money for value has always been our motto.

“But the brand that surprised us with the Harbeths most is PrimaLuna. Chinese-manufactured audio equipment gets a bad rap – and, in fact, there are some crappy products worth avoiding like a day trip to the Korean DMZ – but PrimaLuna has a good track record of quality construction, reliability, and great sound quality for the money. This joint Dutch/Chinese venture has a following for a reason…”

If you want to read more about, click on the picture below to open the link


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